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Free Movie Screening - "Doctored"

We would love for you to join us. Hope to see you there!

Art District Chiropractic and Eastside Food Co-op

are teaming up for the September FREE Community Movie night.

September 19th, Thursday at 7pm the movie "Doctored" will be screened.

"Doctored" from the award winning producer who brought you "On Native Soil" and acclaimed Director Bobby Sheehan comes a shocking new documentary on the monopolization of our medical system.

The movie poster reads....

Your Food
Your Medicine
Your Healthcare
has all been....... Doctored.

From the movie,

"Your back pain will require Surgery"
"Without these pills, you face life-long Pain"
"Your child's behavior requires Medication"
That's what the doctor tells you, but who tells the doctor what to say?
A visit to the doctor can be traumatic enough. Now we learn about the "influencers"- the people you never see, but whose job it is to turn you into a compliant, pill popping, revenue generation unit. And at all costs.

"A well-chosen array of practitioners and their vastly improved patients, whose issues include chronic pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, autism and cancer, offer enlightening testimony on behalf of chiropractic treatment." - Chicago Tribune.

This movie is September 19th Thursday, at 7p at the Eastside Food Co-op.
2551 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis
(Near Central Avenue NE and Lowry Avenue NE)


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  • "A year ago, before seeing Dr. Lori, I was unable to do any housework, yardwork, walking, as I love to - dancing, or even get out of bed, without terrible pain, constantly. This year, during the warm months, I painted rooms, planted flowers, cleaned and helped paint the garage, climbed up on the roof to trim trees, bagged 50 bags of leaves (so far), and did so with ease and a very happy heart. Dr. Lori not only listens to you, she hears you, then responds with intelligent judgement and excellen"
    Dianna R - Minneapolis, MN
  • "I love love love my chiropractor!! She not only helped me heal a herniated disc but assists me with other health issues as well!"
    Shannon R